4470 Tucana Court

These are completed penthouse level photos.  This floor was treated a bit differently due to recessed suite doors but it still looks like a part of the whole building.

Complete Penthouse End Suite

Complete Penthouse Typical Suite


Complete Penthouse Floor Detail

4470 Tucana Court

This project is complete and we will be reviewing for any deficiencies next week.  We are really happy with the results.  With only a partial late carpet order, the project went very smoothly.  Thanks to TriCan Contract for the installation, the Board of Directors for their perseverance, and the residents for their patience through the 18 week project.

Complete Elevator Lobby

Complete Bulkhead Detail


Complete Typical Suite

4470 Tucana Court

We completed the mock ups on the typical floors and the penthouse floors.  Paints, vinyls and carpets were all approved and everybody is very excited to see the work proceed.

In Progress checking wall vinyl and carpet

In Progress Trims and Painting